Winery Guiguan Lanzarote | The Winery

Winery Guiguan Lanzarote | The Winery
     Guiguan is from Tinajo, where the winery made wines with a little rain, volcanic soil and excellent climate, which gives quality and character to a broad range of powerful red wines and some high quality white wines. 
This traditional family winery offers some of the best wines of the island made with locally grown grapes. 
The Guiguan wines are a living testimony of knowledge that has been passed from father to son, for the sole purpose of pleasing the palate of all. 
The grape selection is rigorous and the harvest is done according to some varieties such as Malvasia and Moscatel black Listan. 
The Designation of Origen Lanzarote protects the work of generations and wine quality of a unique habitat. Their goal is to produce the highest quality of wine. 
The Bodega works to capture all the distinct qualities of a variety of wine. Wine made from Malvasia grapes is fermented in steel, red wines matured in oak as well as some fruity muscatel semi sweet and well known sweet wines. 
From an Island who ́s cultivation, cuisine and landscape is unique in the world, are made Guiguan wines to accompany......