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Selection of clusters in the plots once determined at harvest. Barreling at 12o C and mash until desired color. Bleeding, discard the must obtained from the presses, and desfangamos to remove plant debris. 

Later transfer and alcohol at low temperatures to preserve the aromatic potential fermentation. The wine decanted naturally in deposits to be filtered and bottled in their youth. 


The tasting

Given : Pretty pale, clean and blight pink. 

Nose: Highlight the varietal aromas, mineral and raspberry fruit on. 

Palate: Good acidity, fresh with needle. 


We recommend

Rice and pasta

In bucket at a temperature of 6o C



Ph – 3,45 Total acidity – 6,2 gr/ l in tartaric Acidity

Alcoholic degree – 12, 5 % Sweeten residual - 2 gr/l

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